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When starting your first “real” tech gig at a capable company, you’ll likely be surprised by the level of developer tooling and automation in the codebase.

But not all developers are fortunate enougth to experience a well designed codebase in their careers.

In fact, there are many reasons many of us never get to work on a sophistiacted project.

As such, you’ll find many developers who don’t know what…

Over the last weeks, I realized my understanding of TypeScript was plateauing. I was able to write solid type definitions but I would encounter confusing types on a regular basis.

After doing some research, I realized that some of my mental models were wrong — I was blocking myself from developing a deeper understanding of type systems. This blog post is the first of a series exploring rock-solid ways to rationalize TypeScript types.

This series could be interesting to you if:

Implementing internationalization has been a huge pain in the past. Next 10 brings some simplifications to the process by handling some of the required features internally.

In this blog post, you’ll learn


💻 Install the required packages to follow this post

npm install react-intl && npm install --save-dev @formatjs/cli babel-plugin-formatjs

👏🏼 Using Next’s new localization features

Starting with Next 10, the framework will do the…

When it comes to employee offboarding, there is a surprising amount of research that we can use to assess its usefulness. Here are some facts:

While most paradigms don’t require React developers to know much about what is going on under the hood, working with intervals can become a bit tricky. The goal of this article is to walk you through all the ways you can work with intervals and state in react.

What is so complicated about working with intervals?

What makes intervals a bit tricky in React is that the callback function you pass to them will inevitably close (remember closures?) over the current state of your component. Your interval will see “old” state and not work the way you intended. This is often confusing for new React developers.

Let’s look…

As employee turnover continues to solidify its role as one of the biggest cost drivers for organizations, many HR professionals seek to perform exit interviews. There are many things to consider when designing an effective exit interview but you’ll likely find yourself assembling a question catalog sooner or later.

At Partwell we pride ourselves on designing the most effective exit surveys across industries. Naturally, we know a thing or two about designing exit surveys. Our standard exit interview consists out of 96 questions that are grouped into 9 modules and linked with various dependencies.

To help others design great exit…

Learn how to create an exit interview that produces actionable results.

What are exit interviews and why should you care?

Exit interviews are wrap-up surveys or meetings. Companies perform exit interviews when an employee leaves the organization. A common misbelieve is that exit interviews should be performed with employees who left the organization voluntarily only. In fact, you should perform exit interviews with every employee leaving your organization. This includes:

Done right exit interviews are one of the most effective tools to analyze and improve employee retention and employee satisfaction. …

What are boomerang employees?

A boomerang employee is an employee who leaves a company they work for but then later returns to work for the company once again.

In short: A boomerang employee is someone you rehired.

Why should your organization care about boomerang employees?

When talking about boomerang employees, we often highlight that it is less risky to rehire someone you know. On top of that, boomerang employees require less onboarding and are familiar with your culture and processes. In short, being able to boomerang your employees is pretty great.

One advantage of boomerang employees that is rarely highlighted is the effect they have on culture, retention, and employer brand. …

Summary 🐚

This article explores different software solutions for automating exit interviews. In this article, we will look at the solutions Exit Pro, Qualtrics, and Partwell HR.

Why companies should look into automating exit interviews

Around 75% of companies perform some sort of exit interview. However, these exit interview programs often fail to either improve retention or produce meaningful information.

The reasons behind ineffective exit interview programs are diverse — ranging from a lack of data quality to unstructured processes.

A study by the Harvard Business Review found that only 33% of exit-interview-performing managers could name a specific action taken as a result of an exit interview.

The most compelling reason to perform great exit interviews

The reasons why…

At Partwell we help companies gain deep insight into why employees decide to leave. On top, we’ve come up with a unique solution to help you rehire up to 40% of your best lost talent within 5 years. Visit for more info.

Since the documentation for deploying NextJS apps outside of Vercel is quite thin, I decided to write a small guide.

This article is a work and progress and I will add more content, as soon as I figure it out myself. However, it should be enough to get your application up and running in about 5 minutes.


German full-stack developer and entrepreneur.

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